Winter water harvest supports in lieu water transfers!

The rainy season is soon upon us.  Up to 200 milliion gallons could be sent to Soquel Creek this winter and spring, 20% of the district’s annual demand.  Water for Santa Cruz County is resuming efforts to stimulate the transfer of water from Santa Cruz to Soquel Creek Water District.  Soquel Creek has much work to complete the flushing of its water lines to be able to accept this water.    Join Water Fpr Santa Cruz in urging Soquel Creek Water District to get ready to accept these water transfers.


Santa Cruz has the rights to take 13 Million gallons of water per day from the Felton Diversion Dam during the winter, up to 975 Million gallons per year.

San Lorenzo River winter flows are providing abundant water that could be harvested and stored in Loch Lomond.  500 Million gallons of available water, for which the city already has permits that do not conflict with Fish and Game regulations.  500 million gallons offer insurance  against drought.  In addition to drought security, The revenue which could be realized from the sale of 500 million gallons to Santa Cruz customers during summer is over $5 million dollars.  The cost of harvesting, pumping, storing and treating the water is less than $500,000, so the water sale could generate $4.5 million free cash flow. What is needed to capture and store this water is a new 36” pipeline from the Felton Diversion up E. Zayante Rd. to the back of the dam, a distance of approximately 8 miles, at a cost of approximately $16 million.  This construction could be completed in 1 season from May 1 -October 31st. if the project was fast-tracked.”

Getting Ready for Water Transfers!

Getting Ready for Water Transfers!   Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek Water District have signed a 5 year contract for Santa Cruz to transfer water to Soquel Creek at the rate of up to 200 million gallons during Winter and Spring.  The Soquel Creek Water District is...

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