About Scott McGilvray

Scott grew up in Southern California in the 1950’s. He came to Stanford as a Freshman in 1962, and has resided in the Bay area since then. Scott completed University studies in 1968. Scott has an AB in Economics and an MBA., both from Stanford.

Scott began his working life in 1968 as a special assistant to the president of Levi Strauss and Co. Scott’s job was to staff the western states job recruitment and training program of National Alliance of Businessmen. The NAB program was started by President Lyndon Johnson in response to the riots that followed the assassination of Martin Luther King. Its goal was to hire and train 50,000 minorities. The program was continued under President Richard Nixon. After three years of work in a suit and flying to business meetings, Scott felt used up, and left Levi Strauss in 1972.

In 1974, Scott discovered landscape design, construction and maintenance as an industry. Starting as a gardener, and ending as a company owner, Scott spent the next 30 years in the landscape industry. In 1981, Scott and a partner bought Jensen Corporation. When Scott retired in 2004, the company had grown from $1million to $32 million annual sales and from 11 to 285 employees.  During his career with Jensen, Scott became involved in water conservation, and water politics. In 1990, Scott was appointed by Governor Dukemejian to serve on a 14-member task force to draft water conservation legislation for California. Scott thrived in the large scale overview of water supply and demand and the arcane world of water politics.

In 2008, Scott founded Wateraware, a consulting firm that specializes in economic analysis and water management studies. Wateraware works for property owners and water districts.

Scott became interested in the Santa Cruz pilot desalination plant in 2002. Scott has been involved with Desal Alternatives and has made two documentary films on Santa Cruz water. Scott has attended water hearings and testified often before Water Commissions at the State and local levels.

Since 2002, Scott has lived in Live Oak with his wife, Leslie. Their two sons and three grandchildren also live in Santa Cruz.

updated 2018