Two valuable events will take place this month.

On October 16th, the Water Supply Advisory Committee of Santa Cruz will present a Water Convention at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, from 11 am to 6 pm. At this convention will be the proponents and knowledgable advocates of alternative sources of supply for Santa Cruz, both the city and county. Scott has reviewed the submittals, and there are several proposals which promise substantial additional water supply for the county that can be obtained efficiently, incrementally and at a reasonable cost without doing harm to the environment. Among them are improved water harvesting techniques, groundwater recharge, abandoned quarry usage to hold winter storm water, water transfers, and use of recycled water for agriculture, landscape and golf course and stream recharge.

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Water For Santa Cruz County Premier 

On October 28, Surfrider and Water for Santa Cruz county will present a film that summarizes the most promising water supply proposals. 

The event will be held at the Rio Theater and will feature:

  • “Out of the Blue” a documentary from Australian Public Television about theVictoria Desalination plant.
  • A presentation by Surfrider celebrating some recent victories, includingMartin’s beach access.
  • An exhibit showing examples of how artists depict water wars,  including a political cartoonist, an ecological artist, a water consultant, and newspaper headlines. A fascinating contrast of images we see every day.
  • “Water for Santa Cruz County” A film by Chris McGilvray and Scott McGilvray about the finding of additional fresh water supply for the entire county.

If you haven’t seen our trailer yet, please watch it here: