Good morning.  Yesterday’s  letter oversimplified and mislead the reader about the amount of additional water available at the Felton Diversion.  I received a note from Rosemary Menard, Santa Cruz Water Director.  Here is her note which is very clear:

Hi Scott,

Re the following: 

“Additional Winter Water at the Felton Diversion is already permitted for City Use. Martha Lennihan, Santa Cruz City water rights attorney for 20 years advised the City to make more winter use of the Felton Diversion. Rosemary Menard, City Water Director said up to 3,000 Acre ft. of additional take is available if we can figure out how to harvest it. 3,000 Acre ft. is over 900 Million gallons  per year.”

What I actually said, and Martha Lennihan said as well, was that our Felton permits were valued at 3000 afy, and we’d demonstrated we could use about half of that leaving about half (1500 afy) for further development.  Please correct this mis-information, and also, while you’re at it, please correct the misimpression regarding the comment about Martha telling the city to use more water from Felton.  Martha’s comment is that, in order to perfect our Felton water rights (have them become licensed for the full amount rather than permitted) we will need to increase our usage of these rights.  This is a little different from your presentation on Martha’s comments. 

I appreciate that Ms. Menard took the time to send the correction to me and that she spelled out the water availability language so clearly. I apologize for not understanding sufficiently to arrive at the correct calculation 1500 Acre ft is 488,000,000 gallons.