Two multi-agency water supply projects were announced in the second half of March. One is a water sharing in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains and the other is a pipeline project near Watsonville to harvest water that currently flows out to sea. Both projects are going to allow district wells to be turned off in parts of the winter to conserve water for summer consumption, for Steelhead and to prevent or delay salt water intrusion.

The Santa Cruz Mountain project will take place in the San Lorenzo Valley Water District and will be done by Santa Cruz county with support of the Scotts Valley Water District and the City of Santa Cruz. The plan should be implemented by December 31, 2019. A Santa Cruz Sentinel article can be read at:

Grant will Create a more Sustainable San Lorenzo Valley Watershed

The Pajaro Valley Water district project will harvest water that collects in College Lake near the County Fairgrounds. That water presently flows out to sea. The project will connect College Lake to an existing network of pipes that supply irrigation. Read the Santa Cruz Sentinel article at:

Pajaro Valley Water Agency Combats Seawater Intrusion with two Planned Projects

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