Now available to the public

The film “Water for Santa Cruz County” is now posted on YouTube!

Please take another look and pass it on to  your friends, help us spread the word! 

Water for Santa Cruz County is a short film that examines short- and long-range water source alternatives, and calls citizens, businesses, and other organizations to help shape a sustainable water strategy for Santa Cruz. This movie is the product of six months of research including interviews with city water officials, water treatment plant operators, the county water resources director, and others.

Questions From the Film

One of the questions asked at the October 28th premiere was:  “What is the policy process to identify, choose and expedite the best solution.”  

As a starter, I suggest we check out the Water Supply Advisory Committee (WSAC). They were appointed by the Santa Cruz City Council to investigate alternative water supplies. Their next meeting is scheduled for November 19th. If you can, write them a letter telling them what you think. You can reference this film, and you can find out more by going to their website. Here is a link to their website:

In conclusion: we will continue to follow and advocate, you can expect a weekly email from us on this journey.