As of Mid September, Santa Cruz City has managed to exceed conservation goals set by the Water  Department.

August’s average daily  water use was  7.7 million gallons per day, lower than the  target average usage of 8.6 million gallons per day.  September, through the 17th is also below the target.

The response of the customers of the Santa Cruz water department has been simply fantastic. The month of May, we conserved more compared to last year, but failed to meet the  new monthly goal. Every month since then we have been below the goal, with savings compared to last year of  over 30% in both August and September.

How are we doing this? I know that I read my water meter daily and warn my family when our water use increases, and consequently our small lawn is blotches of yellow and green.  Now that September has arrived, the lawn is looking better, although it receives no more water than in July and August.
I’m sure with the rainy season coming on all of our lawns will start looking greener.

The rainy season is only 2 months away, we look forward to the rains, and hope to refill the Loch Lomond reservoir during the winter.