How much water can transfer between Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek Water Districts?

WFSCC has finally figured out how much water can transfer between the water districts. 

For years, both Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek water districts have struggled with this question.  

  • It depends on rainfall, which is uncertain.
  • It cannot be guaranteed. 
  • It is limited by infrastructure capacity.
  • Transfers are limited by the amount of water available in North coast streams in any month. 
  • Transfers are limited in the winter by reduced demand in the SqCWD.
  • SqCWD measures water in acre-feet, Santa Cruz prefers gallons.  

Finally we broke the code! We tracked the water every month and converted the units of measure. What we found is, more water in transfers than PureWater Soquel.


WFSCC urges:  Try water transfers before committing to Pure Water Soquel.2018 was a very dry year. Even so, over 500 million gallons could have been supplied to ScQWD by Santa Cruz from surplus water. 

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Scott McGilvray