The Lochquifer Alternative

The concept of Jerry Paul
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By Far the Best Way to Overcome Drought in Santa Cruz mid-County

Captures and Stores Water at High Volume and Low Cost

The Lochquifer Alternative for fighting drought in Santa Cruz mid-County has no peer, not even close. As compared to other alternatives it is slated to produce up to three times more water, at as low as 7% of the cost.  It would start almost immediately and would make mid-County “drought proof” years before competitors like sewage recycling schemes would even begin to function. It would cover a large area, from La Selva Beach to Boulder Creek, protecting the rate-payers of several water districts. Ultimately, Lochquifer could save some $10,000 per family.  

Lochquifer is the premiere way to implement the preferred Plan A of the report unanimously adopted by the Santa Cruz Water Supply Advisory Committee and the City Council. Plan A (“Element 1”) calls for abundant winter river/stream water to be stored in the region’s overdrawn underground aquifers. Details are referenced below.


Latest Posts

09.25.17 – Perspectives on Regional Water Supply Panel Discussion | click to download PDF >
03.04.17 – Remarkable Regional Water Supply Solution | click to download PDF >
02.17.17 – KSCO Radio Interview with Jerry Paul | click to download mp3 >
12.16.16 – Lochquifer Schematic in the Style of WSAC Report, Apx 8, p4 | click to download PDF >


Lochquifer Links

Below, in reverse chronological order, are links to published Lochquifer information with a little commentary about each.


  • 2016-06-16—Presentation to Community Meeting at Aptos Library by Jerry Paul.  15 minutes [link]

Orientation for general SqCWD audience; how our water system is like a chain of 10 fire hoses; which four “fire hoses” need widening; Lochquifer in a nutshell; ~$25M cost; start water transfers in summer 2016.


  • 2016-05-02—Presentation to Santa Cruz Water Commission by Jerry Paul.  6 minutes  [link]

How Santa Cruz can implement Lochquifer for next to nothing.


  • 2016-03-07—Presentation to Santa Cruz Water Commission by Jerry Paul.  6 minutes  [link

Five realizations which make Lochquifer the obvious choice, costing the City almost nothing. (visual & text files)


  • 2015-08-07—Lochquifer: Portfolio 40 of the Water Supply Advisory Committee (WSAC) by Jerry Paul.  (22 pp.) [link]

A detailed official submission.


  • 2015-07-21—Presentation to Soquel Creek Water District (SqCWD) Board of Directors by Jerry Paul.  [link]

A comparison of WSAC alternatives.


  • 2014-11-23—49 Proposals Including Lochquifer; Invited Submittal to the Santa Cruz Water Supply Advisory Committee (WSAC) by Jerry Paul.  (58 pages) [link]

A wide range of project proposals and strategies to solve regional water problems.


  • 2012-05-06—Letter published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel by Jerry Paul.  (~550 words)  [link]

We live in a rain forest. We don’t have a water shortage problem, we have a water storage problem. We use just 6% of our stream water. Our unused, overdrawn aquifer space can hold some 12 times more than Loch Lomond Reservoir.