Discussion of Gary’s candidacy, which has gotten our issue of water transfers into the public view  – whether he wins or not. About 25–30 people attended Aptos Library presentation that Becky arranged, including Bruce Jaffe and Gary; Bruce Daniels also attended, as did Tom Kennedy of the MCGWA.

SC City – 3 Billion gallons needed; half to be put into the Santa Margarita, half into the Purisima. Then SC will be protected – said geologist, Robert Marx at the Planning Commission meeting last week. 

At that rate, 500 M gal/year over a few years would be enough.

Steps for us to pursue:
  1.) 1.4 M gal/day starting Nov. to May.
  2.) Enlarge the pipe.
  3.) Use Loch Lomond better (Jerry!!!)  – make graphic description of LL not being used well – ex., it’s now Oct, soon to be rainy season, and LL is still 88% full.  Scott will try to update a graphic for public use; John suggests a red area showing danger and then higher levels showing the aquifers getting fuller.
  4.) Develop another graphic showing how wastewater purification will become more and more expensive relative to the diminishing water needed, if the transfers are successful.

Scott put into agenda:
Annual water available to benefit the Purisima aquifer continues to grow:
  1.) 260 M gallons November – May
  2.) 154 M gallons June – October (70% of N. Coast stream flow in summer)
  3.) 140 M gallons (If SC does NOT take water from Beltz Wells in summer)

So graphic: how much water do transfers have to bring over in order to get out of the danger zone?

Beltz Wells ~ 1 M g/day, or 1.5 M g/day – city can pull out water from there, possibly about 20% of SC’s summer need.

Discussion about regional water thinking, that we need to keep promoting this with all agencies. 

Plan a celebration if transfers do start at the end of November. We need graphics for public distribution, as above, can send to Jessica York at the Sentinel and maybe GT – and Scott suggests a leaky bucket dance! 

We should request a longer than 3 min presentation to the SqC Bd and the MCGWA, again.

Next meeting:  Wednesday Nov 14, 1:30, NextSpace downtown.