View of Pasatiempo from water tank roof.

Pasatiempo Golf Course turned on the recycled water supply from Scotts Valley for the first time on Friday, October 13. Water flowed through the gate valve for the first time in 30 years, at the rate of 350 gallons per minute… that is 500,000 gallons a day!

When in full operation, the Pasatiempo golf course will use 40 to 45 million gallons of recycled water, which removes a demand on water from the Santa Cruz water supply resources.


This photo shows the filters that process the water from the recycled water plant before it is pumped into the 500,000 tank and mixed with well or potable water before application onto the golf course. The red filters at the left are 100 micron pre-filters, the two blue filters are 50 micron filters. There are two sets of filters to assure continuous operation even during maintenance and backwash of the filters.