As of January 8, Loch Lomond is 94 % full. Since the rains began the last week in November, the Loch has risen from 89% to 94%. That is an addition of 150 million gallons to our water storage.   Rainfall at Loch Lomond has been 17.92″ thus far this season. If we get another 12″ of rain in the next 30 days, the Loch will be full and overflowing.

Water transfers from Santa Cruz to Soquel Creek customers have begun, but no quantities have been reported. The permit between the agencies can provide 100 million gallons. If Santa Cruz would amend its permit to include Fall months, the amount transferrable to Soquel Creek customers could be 300, 400 or 500 million gallons from the surplus in the Santa Cruz system. The 2019 year-end report from Santa Cruz reveals that 679 million gallons were collected from North Coast streams. In 2018, North Coast streams provided 563 million gallons.

Scott McGilvray