The San Lorenzo River is again flowing nicely

The steady  and regular precipitation we have enjoyed since the Thanksgiving weekend is now showing up in the San Lorenzo water shed.
This is a picture of the San Lorenzo river flow. Anything over 30 cfs is healthy flow.
Healthy flow means plenty for fish and for humans. As we can see, The San Lorenzo river flow is strong enough to stay above 70 cfs, even with some non rainy days in the week. Flow information for the San Lorenzo river is available online.

Water Supply Committee (WSAC) builds a model at its December meetings, the WSAC worked intensively on its model for the water supply situation in Santa Cruz. The committee’s goal to have a model which reflects the community’s water need and its value system to judge water supply alternatives is nearing completion.

Beginning in January WSAC will focus on finding alternative solutions that meet the need and rank them for water output, capital cost, operating cost, energy intensiveness and community values. This work will be done in the spring of 2015.

Best Holiday wishes to all. This letter will resume on January 5, 2015.