It rained 10 days ago, almost 3 “ over three days. This rainfall broke a 44 day dry spell. Despite the long interval, Santa Cruz is at normal for rainfall for this time in the year….over 18.5 “. The San Lorenzo river flow is healthy, plenty for fish and plenty for people. That means that Santa Cruz can draw all the water it needs from the San Lorenzo for its daily needs (about 7 million gallons)  plus harvest water from the Felton Diversion for storage in Loch Lomond.

As of February 17, The San Lorenzo had produced extra water for which the city is fully permitted to take in the amount of  over 520 million gallons. That harvestable water continues to flow at over 10 million gallons per day any day that river discharges above 46 cfs. The City needs a new pipeline to Loch Lomond to harvest these flows. The existing system can only harvest a portion, less than 1/3 each day.

February 11 through 13 the Water Supply Advisory Committee (WSAC) held meetings over three days to resume work on finding an alternative supply for water for Santa Cruz City and its water customers. Nobody knows what “solutions” the committee will recommend at this point, but they are working on it. Effort seems to be focusing at this moment on finding the commonalities and overlaps in the 70 + ideas that were submitted to the September WSAC Convention.