This is the Water flowing into the San Lorenzo river from the spillway at Loch Lomond  Dam.  Last winter, 488 Million Gallons flowed out to sea that could have been harvested and sent to SqCWD, This winter,  over 700 Million gallons have already flowed out to sea.

Legal Firm Best, Best and Krieger, LLP advised John Ricker as follows

To: John Ricker Director, Water Resources Division County of Santa Cruz

From: Best, Best & Krieger LLP

Date: October 28, 2013

Re: County of Santa Cruz Water Supply and Water Right Issues

On page 12 of the Memorandum, BBK stated this opinion.

  1. Long-Term Options – Application for New Water Rights to San Lorenzo

New appropriative applications on the San Lorenzo should be part of a larger long-term effort and strategy to secure sufficient and reliable water supplies for Soquel, Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo. As indicated above, the San Lorenzo River has not been declared “fully appropriated” by the State Board during the season of November 1st to May 31st. Consequently, new applications can be filed by Soquel, Scotts Valley and/or San Lorenzo, or other entities including the City, to appropriate water from the San Lorenzo River during those times.27 The State Board’s current estimate to process new water right applications is two to five years, but it can take considerably longer depending on the complexity of the situation.28