It is time for Santa Cruz to transfer water to Soquel Creek Water District

Santa Cruz again has more water than it needs.  600 million gallons more than it needs.  Loch Lomond is 95% full on September 27

Toby Goddard, Administrative and Conservation director for the Santa Cruz water department presented his annual water plan to the water commission on May 6. The plan shows that Santa Cruz has plenty of water for this year.  The plan envisions that Loch Lomond will be used sparingly this year. It is expected that Loch Lomond will be at 90% capacity on October 1. Since Santa Cruz usually plans to be at 70% of capacity on that date, that signifies that over 600 million gallons of surplus water are in the Santa Cruz system this year.

Send the surplus water to Soquel Creek to make room for the winter rains!  Early overflow of Loch Lomond spillway can be avoided if there is room for the rainfall to be stored in the Loch Lomond watershed.

Scott McGilvray