As summer winds down, we can look at the water consumption in Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek for 2016.  There is officially “no drought” in Santa Cruz while Soquel Creek is in a stage 3 drought emergency caused by years of overdraft to the groundwater basin.

Both Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek continue to conserve water.  And Loch Lomond was 96.2% full at July 31.  As of August 1, Santa Cruz is using 25% less than the baseline year of 2013.

Santa Cruz graph


Soquel Creek is even better, using 28% less than 2013.

Soquel Creek graph


At the current rates, Santa Cruz will finish the year saving 21% compared to 2013, Soquel Creek will finish with 25% savings compared to 2013.

This demonstrates the sensibilities and persistence of Santa Cruz residents.  The rest of the state has relaxed its conservation goals after a moderate winter.  Here is a SJ Mercury story (August 17)  about the rest of the state.