On Tuesday, May 2, 2017, Rosemary Menard, Santa Cruz Water Director, appeared before the Soquel Creek Water District board and discussed information about water transfers between districts. Ms. Menard spoke and responded to questions for almost a full hour.   

Several sets of facts, myths and rumors were introduced, explained and evaluated.  

  1. Existing Cost Estimates: The Latest estimates reported in the WSAC documents were based on a Kennedy Jenks Study (2013) that assigned all upgrade and infrastructure costs to a small amount of water transfer. Ms. Menard stated that the cost is overstated and that she is not defending the cost. (54:45)
  2. Water Availability for Transfer: In response to a question from a board member, Ms. Menard stated that water is available now for transfer. More water will become available when the city finalizes negotiations regarding fish flows. This should hopefully within a year. (1:10:00–1:15:00)
  3. Expanding the Role of Loch Lomond Reservoir: Ms. Menard spent time outlining and providing in depth comments on how the role of Loch Lomond could change in order to provide more water once water transfers have begun to replenish the aquifers. Ms. Menard stressed that in working with nature, time and circumstance must be respected, but water and storage, at reasonable costs, are readily available now. (1:16:00–1:20:00)

The leaning in body language of SqCWD directors indicated a sincere level of interest, and possibly optimism.

Finally, Ms. Menard stated that Santa Cruz’ water department was planning to engage in the water compatibility testing this coming winter not only for Soquel Creek district, but also Scotts Valley, San Lorenzo Valley and Boulder Creek.  

Click here to view the videotape of Ms. Menard’s presentation. Her presentation begins at 46:30 and concludes at 1:42:36.