Last Thursday October 16th at the Civic Auditorium

We attended the Water Supply Convention as booth participant number 15. This convention consisted of 25 booths each with their own proposal on how to fix the water shortage in Santa Cruz County. The proposals ranged from Composting Toilets to new technology for Desalination, if you would like a full list of the ideas presented (and then some) you can access it here.We’ve highlighted a few of the proposals that we feel are the most effective solutions for the water shortage in Santa Cruz.

Terry McKinney, the Superintendent of Water Production proposed Ranney Collectors. Ranney collectors have been installed on rivers for over 20 years and are proven technology. Ranney collector wells collect water through horizontal conduits that capture groundwater derived from surface water, this process takes advantage of natural filtration, making it much more effective than regular wells. If you would like to read the full proposal, you can do so here.
Update on Water For Santa Cruz County
Last Friday Happy Hour at NextSpace!
Water For Santa Cruz sponsored Happy Hourand invited everyone there to our October 28th Premier at the Rio, we had a great turn out and engaged with the community who really wants answers to these questions.
Jerry Paul, pictured here with his wife, came with a whopping 43 proposals to be reviewed at the Water Supply Convention. Out of all 43 our favorite is the Loquifer Alternatives Plan. This plan would harvest up to 6000 more AFY (acre feet per year) of San Lorenzo River/Zayante Creek winter water to Loch Lomond and dispense it from the Loch throughout each year to water districts dependent upon wells.
If you would like to read the rest of his plans you can find them here.
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