I am happy to pass on a dynamite water news website. It is called Maven‘s Notebook.

Becky Steinbruner found this site a month or so ago and I have been watching its daily emails for the past 30 days. They are proving to be comprehensive and well organized. I am interested in two projects in the larger state; the Oroville Dam spillway repair and the Delta Water project. Maven’s Notebook keeps up to date and posts headlines and links to in-depth reporting on these complex projects.

The California Delta upgrade plan has been especially difficult to understand. It has been debated for over 25 years and both sides (pro and con) wrap their news releases in spin, so I have found it difficult to find real information on the alternatives. Maven’s Notebook is so well organized, that I was able to find both the official proposal and an alternative to the large-scale pumping project proposed by the governor in only two clicks. Click here for a coherent presentation of an alternative that is less costly and is favored by the loyal opposition.

I do not yet know enough about this very important water policy, but now I think I can start to deal with the facts and educate myself. I will admit I am attracted to the alternative proposed here. It is less costly and relies on less pumping of fresh water from North of the Delta to Southern California. Now I can start to study.

Scott McGilvray