Solutions are being presented!

Water Supply Study Group hears about the Habitat Conservation plan. Wednesday, December 3rd, 2 Environmental consultants who have worked with the city for several years, presented on their models for predicting Santa Cruz Water availability and the habitat requirements for fish. 40 people in attendance were provided in depth information on how these models have been built and how they produce the information that guides our water releases for fish in the north coast streams and the San Lorenzo river. All of the attendees appreciated the information that was presented due to the organization of the Santa Cruz Water Director, Rosemary Menard. The presentations by Shawn Chartrund and Jeff Hagar will be posted online at the WSAC website:

About Recharging the aquifers

Rick Longinotti has published a compelling argument for harvesting the surplus winter water in the San Lorenzo…. And using it to recharge our aquifers. Here is a link to Rick’s paper: