Despite the lack of recent rainfall, there is still plenty of water to supply Soquel Creek water district.

2018 was a very dry year, and even so, Santa Cruz ended with a 500 million gallon surplus in Loch Lomond above its plan. The surplus in 2019 was 1.5 billion gallons, and still we are told there is no extra water.

Flows in the San Lorenzo in 2020, (Year to Date) are almost twice the amount in 2018. 40 million gallons a month to SqCWD is only 600 AF, year to date and 1,500 AF for an entire year.

The costs of Pure Water Soquel over the next 30 years are $215,000,000 higher than producing water for transfer at Santa Cruz’ Graham Hill Water Treatment Plant. Santa Cruz and SqCWD could split that savings and  SqCWD would get water supply for $100 million less and Santa Cruz would get $100 million from SqCWD to help pay for planned improvements to its own water system. 

Please do the math.

Thank you,
Scott McGilvray