The April Water Supply Advisory Committee  (WSAC) meetings have concluded.  Encouraging news came from Gray Fiske, manager of the City’s water supply model.  He has found the water in the San Lorenzo river winter flows, his conclusion:

The key outcome of this analysis is that the harvesting and storage of winter flows has the potential to completely address the City’s water supply challenges and enable the City to projected future demands. This is the case even with current water rights, DFG-5 in stream flows, and climate change. To achieve these benefits, the ‘virtual reservoir’ used in the analysis would have to become real, i.e. suitable infrastructure improvements and institutional arrangements would have to be made to have a place to reliably store at least 3 billion gallons of water. In addition, the capacities of various current infrastructure would have to be increased.

Storage in Hanson Quarry (abandoned) is the key:

To benefit from the additional water available for harvest from the San Lorenzo winter flows, We need additional storage. Fortunately, the 2 key elements are present:  The abandoned Hansen Quarry is 1.5 miles away from the Felton Diversion and can store 625 Milliion gallons..  And the underying aquifers have abundant unused storage capacity.  Pueblo Water Engineering stated that Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) appears technically feasible.  Estimates of available storage in the Purissima and Santa Margarita/Lompico aquifers is 6.9 Billion gallons of water, twice the amount required  to address the city’s water supply challenges.