In January, the WSAC announced that the available winter supply for San Lorenzo permitted by the State and Fisheries could yield up to  500 Million gallons.  Further analysis of the permit and the water harvest records in this 21st Century reveals that the city’s legal maximum take is 975 Million gallons and the average annual take is less that 75 Million gallons.

That means the City’s annual potential new yield is 900 Million gallons per year.   That is 400 million gallons more than previously discussed at WSAC.  It is also more than the 900 million gallon maximum annual capacity of  the proposed desalination plant.
A review of water flows in the San Lorenzo for the last 5 years reveals an average water availability of 1.5 Billion gallons, more than enough to fully supply this new water harvest.  Here are the yearly quantities:

2010 – 11   ………..2.110 Billion

2011 – 12   ……….1.485 Billion

2012 – 13   ………..1.340 Billion

2013 – 14   ………..240  Million

2014 – 15    ………..560 Million

5 year average………1.55 Billion gallons

To capture this new water requires a new pipeline, and additional storage.  The storage options being considered are the Santa Margarita aquifer and several abandoned  sand quarries in the Hills near Felton.