Last Week, a packed Santa Cruz City Hall Chambers learned that the winter San Lorenzo River flows that are unharvested can supply almost 1.5 Billion gallons per year and that 6.9 Billion gallons of available storage capacity exists in 2 Aquifers in North Santa Cruz county.

On Wendesday, April 22nd. Water department director Rosemary Menard  introduced a program on harvesting
winter flows in the SLR and the possibility of storing this harvest in aquifers.  John Ricker , County water resources director presented the results of a 2 year study.  The study reveals that there are at least 558 million gallons per year that can be taken from the river under a new permit which would be acceptable to
Fisheries.  That water could be sent to Scotts Valley and/or Soquel Creek Water District to rest their wells in
winter.   This 558 million harvestable gallons is in addition to the over 900 million gallons of winter harvest right the City of Santa Cruz already has but does not utilize.
Mr. Ricker’s presentation was followed by a 20 minute presentation by Robert Marks of Pueblo Water Resources Mr. Marks reported on recharge capacity in local aquifers.   Mr. Marks reported that between the Purissima and the Santa Margarita/Lompico aquifers, there is a capacity to hold 6.9 Billion gallons in storage.
Thus the search for a new water supply source concludes, as does the search for additional storage.
WSAC meetings continue this week with meetings scheduled for Thursday evening and Friday afternoon.