December 3, 2018, the Santa Cruz Water District and SqCWD opened the gate valve which started water transfers from Santa Cruz to Soquel Creek Water District customers. The next day SqCWD released the final EIR for Pure Water Soquel and on December 18, voted unanimously to build Pure Water Soquel. By December 21, the SqCWD had turned off the intertie and re-opened the O’Neill Ranch well.

Quite a beginning of the long awaited water transfers.

Why not try the Water Transfer concept for the remainder of the five-year pilot project agreed to by the districts in 2015? The existing intertie that is already open can supply SqCWD with 1.7 million gallons per day. There is zero capital cost. Pure Water Soquel can only supply 1.3 million gallons per day, and costs over $150,000,000 to build.

Two years remain of the the pilot program between the two districts to test Water Transfers. Why has the SqCWD committed to a $150 million recycling water plant in such a hurry?