Water For Santa Cruz County tackles the question

The water department has requested a 61% rate increase to be phased in over 5 years at 10% per year.

But why?

Water for Santa Cruz is conducting 2 seminars from 7 to 9 pm, on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights (9th and the 10th) The seminar contents will be repeated each night. The purpose of the seminar is to attempt to unravel and simplify the water rate increase request by the Santa Cruz Water department.

To people who have reduced their water consumption, it seems crazy for water rates to be rising.  It is maddening, yet it is happening. Why?

I will lead this investigation based on my constant attendance at Water Commission hearings over the last 3 and 1/2 years.  At the end of the evening we hope to have a better understanding for the factors at play in this very important matter.  I will summarize the results of our exploration and send out via email to any who are interested.
Hope to see you there.

Water For Santa Cruz 2

Coming soon…

A year ago, Water for Santa Cruz, a short film was shown at the Rio Theater.  We have worked for most of this year on a sequel, on finding the water for Santa Cruz county.
The film will be shown at the Rio Theater at 7:00 pm, October 22nd. We are happy to say that Surfrider is our financial sponsor, which means we still have to raise all the money to make the film, but that those who contribute to the project can get a tax deduction for their financial contribution. Our budget is $30,000, we have raised $5,600.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this film please let us know, or go to 
theSanta Cruz Surf Rider website, with
specifying Water For Santa Cruz 2.